Sarah Perkins on Set with Unplugged Magazine

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?

SARAH: I am a very motivated individual. I don’t ever start something I can’t finish. I also like to write out everything I have to do in order to manage my time. This helps me stay organized and allows me to prioritize my responsibilities.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: How do you handle a situation where a photographer does not properly direct you?

SARAH: I always like to work together with my photographer and ask them questions about what they’re looking for. If I’m struggling to come up with new poses or seem uncomfortable and do not receive any direction, I’ll talk to my photographer about what I can do to improve and how he/she could help me.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

SARAH: I think one of my greatest weaknesses as a model is not being comfortable in my own skin. I have times of insecurity when I think “Why am I even doing this?” However, I really try to improve by changing my mindset. Rather than only view my imperfections, I embrace them and find ways to hype myself up before shooting. This not only helps with my confidence, but also gives me more energy.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: Why do you consider yourself a creative person?

SARAH: I’ve always considered myself a creative person for my ability to think outside of the box. I love trying new things and creating new forms of art for everyone to see. My creativity allows me to go outside of my comfort zone and be the best version of myself. I’ve always loved fashion and music and hope to one day create my own forms of both.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

SARAH: While I don’t have an incredibly strict diet, I do try to stay more on the healthy side. I’m a very picky eater, so I have to find meals for myself that I’ll like, but aren’t absolutely terrible for you.I normally don’t go to the gym, but I’ll try to exercise a few times a week and stretch before I go to bed.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: What makes modeling fun for you?

SARAH: There are so many things! I think one of the most fun aspects for me is getting to try new poses in different clothing styles. I always like to go outside of my comfort zone when posing for a shoot and the outfits can really help determine what I want to do.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: What do you feel are your most attractive attributes? How do you use them to make the photo phenomenal?

SARAH: One of the things I hear all the time is how I have extremely long legs. I used to be a little insecure about them, but now I think they make my photos look better. Whenever I’m posing, I always make sure to position my legs a certain way that highlights them and also shows off my figure.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: What is a popular misnomer you discovered about modeling?

SARAH: That you have to be a certain height or weight. That is not true at all! Especially when it comes to print modeling, there is a need for models with all different body types with different hair, skin, and eye color. I think a lot of people look at certain models with a very petite figure and think that is the only body type models can have, but in reality, anyone can be a model.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: Have you ever had surprises when you showed up for a shoot? How did you handle it?

SARAH: I’ve never really had any surprises when I showed up for a shoot. However, I never want to go past my limits. If it’s

something the photographer thinks I should try, then I’ll go for it, but I know where my breaking point is with modeling and I’ll never push myself over that edge.

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE: Any advice for new models or models trying to make a comeback?

SARAH: Go for it! There is no “right time” to begin modeling. Honestly, I never knew modeling would be something I’d enjoy and now I absolutely love it. If it’s something you’re truly passionate about and you work hard, you can definitely achieve your goals

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