April Dossett, Chic in the City

She is new to the fashion industry but has been on almost every fashion platform in the capital city of Ohio. She is now the cover model for UNPLUGGED Magazine and for good reason!

Ladies and gentlemen! I give you – APRIL DOSSETT

April is a bombshell model with no fear of taking on new challenges like the fashion industry. She has signed with Helen Wells Agency and shows no signs of slowing down. As matter of fact, during her photo shoot with us, April expressed that she was just getting started and she wants to do everything.

April’s resume is extensive. She has rocked runways like the South Asian Wedding Show, Chandalier Gala, Easton Fashion Show, Passport To Fashion, Macy’s and of course, Fashion Week Columbus. She has worked with all kinds of photographers like Tony Bentivegna, Shane Fowler, Nick Means, and Jonathon Michaels. She has modeled for designers like Ferret Campos, Amrita Chehil, Soni Choudhary, Joan Madison, Gerardo Encinas, Juan Jose Saenz-Ferreyros,

If you didn’t know any better, you would think this diva has been doing this for years. She is graceful on the runway and elegant in photo shoots. Her look is versatile. She can rock a grunge look, then switch up and be a classical princess from a timeless land. It doesn’t matter if she is doing a shoot in the building or standing in a wilderness. She magically transform anything to editorial with her presence on set.

Regarding her personality, so much can be said. She is a professional. April never allows her personal life to cross into her professional life. She is ready for any challenge. She welcomes the challenge with open arms. We asked her why she liked that. She expressed, “I see challenges as opportunity. I’ve never done it before and I want to see what I can do with it. I’m excited to see exactly what I can do with it.”

April is humble. Not arrogant or entitled as is common trait among successful models. She loves her craft but works every opportunity. She takes nothing for granted and says thank you often. Another unique feature about April is that she gives credit to everyone with which she has worked. April truly believes in collaboration and no one has to worry if she will remember you. She remembers everyone. So much can be said about and so much more will be said by us and other writers in the industry. We are proud she is our new cover model and we love April!

Congratulations April Dossett!

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