Prophocey on the Mic

Grabbing the mic was not something he did by accident. He was born for it. He was bred for it. During the 2019 Arnold Classic, Prophocey made his voice and brand heard to hundreds of onlookers.

He started his show by having his Real Music Records models showcase his new fashion line as the introduction to the performance. Jordan James, Christie Crockett and Chantal

Woods all rocked the runway with their style and swag. From one corner of the

stage to the next, the models showcased the different looks that any person could experience, if they dared to rock a Prophocey T-shirt or a Real Music Records shirt.

But the show didn’t stop with the models…

Then the man himself emerged from behind the corner!

Prophocey held the microphone to his mouth bouncing to the rhythm of his music “O.H.I.O”. His energy was intoxicating. His lyrics compelling. People bopped their heads up and down as the musical performer showcased his lyrical intelligence for the audience’s entertainment. Onlookers stopped what

they were doing to pay attention to the energy oozing from the stage.

Prophocey needed no background dancers. He needed no DJ as a side kick. He didn’t need an extra hype man. He didn’t require any special lights. He didn’t need any pyrotechnics. He was a 1-man show lighting up the stage and people enjoyed what they saw!

Prophocey showcased what Real Music looks like!

*To contact Prophocey, follow-up with Unplugged Magazine.

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