Happy 3rd Yr Anniversary Unplugged!


Thank you so much for being part of this experience and making our magazine and all the media we put out such a success. We are proud to bring you another issue of fashion and entertainment.

This issue is special because it has such a diverse platform of fashion and entertainment.

First, we have the cover story herself, Zajia Nadal. Yes, she is truly a bombshell combining beauty, intelligence with ambition showcased in fashion, business, acting and so much more. You’ll enjoy her journey. Secondly, you’ll find the model Jordan James share his experience of success as he learns more about the fashion industry.

Next, you ‘ll meet the creator, producer and director of the sold-out feature film “Bad Business” – Dom Campbell. You’ll also get a chance to enjoy the fashion finale hosted by the Alternative Fashion Mob. You’ll also get a recap of the 2019 Arnold Classic Teen Expo in this issue. And we can’t forget Prophocey and Real Music Records showcasing their new fashion apparel line during a dynamic performance.

Unplugged Magazine promises to bring you the quality experience of fashion and Entertainment. Thank you one more time for being with us for 3 years!

Stick around! It only gets better from here!

With the Sincerest Regards,

Phillip W. Bufford

Unplugged Magazine Owner

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