A Moment With Jordan James

Real Records model Jordan James sits with Unplugged Magazine owner, Phillip Bufford during the Arnold Classic Competition in Columbus, Ohio.

UPM: How did you get here?

Jordan: First, I started off by taking interest in the event. I contacted Prophocey and Real Music Records put me through this program which challenged me mentally to get my ideas out. It shaped me to be the man that I am currently becoming.

UPM: What is the ADP Program?

Jordan: The ADP Program is called the Artist Development Program. It prepares an artist to follow their dreams with strategy. It has a biblical foundation challenges a person’s ability to believe through the unknown until concepts become a tangible reality.

UPM: You’ve been modeling for a little over a year. How has modeling been treating you?

Jordan: Life is life. I’ve just been going with the flow. I’m still a college student. Modeling is cool but I still have all my same responsibilities.

UPM: So you’re at the Arnold Classic which is a huge event in Ohio and Columbus. Did you ever think you would be at an event like this a year ago?

Jordan: I did and I did not. I kept an open mind about it. I always knew that if I put in the work that I would be somewhere some day. I just never thought the fashion industry would get me here so quickly.

UPM: What’s your fashion style?

Jordan: My fashion style is I like to look nice. I don’t like long clothing. I like things tailored. My Pants. My shirts. I want people to get the shape of my body through my clothes.

UPM: What are you rockin’ right now?

Jordan: This is a polo with a wind-breaker. I’m also wearing some black jeans with a Prophocey custom shirt. Every one should have one. Plus, I’m wearing some K-Swiss tennis shoes.

UPM: One of the jobs of models is to take the designer’s fashion apparel and bring it to life. So when you wear a Prophocey shirt, what are you trying to bring to life?

Jordan: Comfort. That’s what I aim to bring to life. Flexibility. Adaptability. Versatility. This shirt and this line can be worn in so many different ways. You can have a casual look or a sporty look. Women can wear it in a dressy look and guys too. It’s the kind of shirt that both genders can wear and look good on whomever is wearing it.

UPM: What do you not like about the fashion industry?

Jordan: I don’t like how some fashion lines advocate fashion for certain body types. Everyone deserves to look good and feel good. I feel some fashion lines marginalize certain body types which are already marginalized socially. This is why so many women feel certain ways about their bodies and guys too. No one is perfect. We all have some work we can do on ourselves. The last thing that should make us feel bad about ourselves are the clothes we want to wear to make us look good.

UPM: Why do you think Real Music Records chose you to be one of their models to showcase their newest line?

Jordan: I feel Real Music Records chose me to wear the new Prophocey line because I showed integrity and perseverance through the ADP program but they felt I could represent the brand the way they envision it to be on the runway and in other marketing venues. I feel quite honored actually.

UPM: Has your personal life changed since you’ve been in fashion?

Jordan: No, not at all. My responsibilities are the same. I’m still the same person. I’ve just been blessed to be able to do a little more than I was before. I’m still looking to do more with every opportunity presented to me.

UPM: If you could inspire anyone with fashion, what would you say?

Jordan: Be yourself and don’t change for anyone. You are not going to be able to pull off what you see everyone else pull off. So just make yourself at being an expert about yourself and enjoy the journey.

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