Success For Hanna Tumbusch

UPM: How does it feel to work with Unplugged Magazine?

HANNA: It’s so exciting. I’m not good at photography myself. I like telling photographers to do when their shooting me but Phillip knew exactly where to go and what to do which made shooting with him pleasant. The Short North and Downtown is a really great place and it has a great scenery.

UPM: What do you love about the fashion industry?

HANNA: Something that really got me involved in fashion was when I became involved in the Miss Ohio Program. That program gave me an outlet to express myself. Whether in an evening gown, bathing suit, talent expression and more, I had the opportunity to be myself. I love that. I couldn’t get enough of it and so I continued to pursue it. I decided to go to school for fashion and It’s kind of how I ended up here.

UPM: Why the name Runway & Rose?

HANNA: Well, Runway & Rose (Pronounced Rosay) is the name of my fashion blog. The story behind it all is like this. Runway goes back to my love for fashion. Rose is my favorite line and is my middle name. Ultimately, it’s a play on words. My parents use to call me “Rosie”. So now I tie it all together for myself and make it work.

UPM: Now you have accomplished a lot with various success. Miss Ohio. Fashion Week Columbus. Easton Fashion Night. And you represented Laurel DeWitt, what was it like to wear Laurel DeWitt on the runway?

HANNA: So for people who don’t know, Laurel DeWitt designed clothing for celebrities like Cardi B, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira to name a few. Her clothing style is includes all metal clothing. It’s something I’ve never experienced before and I’ve discovered the clothing can be very heavy. Nonetheless, it was very exciting to work with someone as established as she is in the fashion industry.

UPM: What do you feel is your secret to being connected to the right events?

HANNA: I say its all about your network. Phillip was able to get me connected to Tommy McClure who in turn, connected me to Fashion Week Columbus. Honestly, that’s how I’ve been fortunate to get connected to events without casting calls. I’ve just been fortunate to be connected to the right people and those connections have opened doors for me. Moreover, it’s important for people to see your work. For me, people saw my runway walk. They saw my look and it was something that appealed to them to approach me.

UPM: With all your success what you do, what do you see yourself doing next?

HANNA: I’m just enjoying the experience. I’m enjoying modeling. As a matter, modeling is like a side job. By day, I’m a buyer in the fashion industry for a corporate retailer in Columbus, Ohio. So it’s another way for me to have fun. I have fun as a buyer and I have fun as a buyer. Being in fashion and the success I’m experiencing is something that I’m truly enjoying.

UPM: How does your success impact dating for you?

HANNA: (laughing) I feel like it makes potential candidates intimidated. Well, that’s the vibe I get. Personally, I’m a confident and a very driven person. So that may be another factor of intimidation for some men. Ultimately, I don’t let it bother me. I just go for what I want and don’t make any apologies.

UPM: What’s one of the most frustrating things in fashion for you?

HANNA: I wouldn’t say that it’s a frustration as it is more of a challenge. Everyone has such a different view of fashion. Fashion isn’t just one thing. So it’s important to understand that fashion is art. The art is everything and seen so individually that the perception of fashion is unique to everyone that looks at it. This leaves fashion open to the expression of uniqueness.

UPM: What was it like for shooting with Unplugged Magazine and Fiyah Magazine today?

HANNA: Very very exciting! It was a bit chilly but that’s ok…(laughing). The vibe was really fun. Shooting in downtown Columbus, just made the experience all the more exciting!

*You can follow Hanna Tumbusch on Instagram at Runway & Rose Fashion.

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