Briana Steps Out

UPM: How does it feel to knock out another photo shoot?

BRIANA: Amazing for sure! I’m absolutely happy! Feels good!

UPM: Who is Briana Kirk?

BRIANA: Well, wow…that’s a loaded question. I’m fashion. Model. Instructor. Ring girl. There’s a little bit of everything in this Briana World.

UPM: What hooked you into Fashion?

BRIANA: I’ve always liked fashion since I was little. I can remember as a 6 year old all I did was walk around the house modeling. I just didn’t really know where to start as I got older. When I became of age, the Columbus Editorial Society gave me a chance to be part of their network. Afterwards, I made a lot of my connections with fashion designers, photographers, magazines, other models and MUAs. As a matter of fact, I made a best friend from my networking in fashion. Her name is Crystal.

UPM: What is it like being a ring girl in the MMA world?

BRIANA: Oohh! That’s a tough one! I enjoy a lot and when it comes to this, I love it. I get nervous always before the fights start. However, once you step into the ring, I forget about all my inhibitions and I do what I do. I actually had the chance to be part of the MMA fights during the Arnold Classics.

UPM: Do you feel objectified as a woman being a ring girl?

BRIANA: There’s a love/hate feel I have when it comes to the clothing I have to wear at times. I have not had to wear anything too revealing but there is a line for me and I do feel like I have been close to crossing it at times.

UPM: How do you deal with the different treatment of being objectified?

BRIANA: I ignore it. I don’t give any room for people to act on it. Men can become aggressive but we make sure as ring girls to surround ourselves with each other and someone who can stand up for us. Men o try to grab on you. When they do, I speak up and pull myself back. I make sure I stay professional. I’m not here for pleasure and so I have boundaries.

UPM: Do you feel threatened by the men who are like 5 times your body weight at these events?

BRIANA: Absolutely! The fighters could snatch me up in a heartbeat and I would not be able to do anything back. One time, I was walking around with a card and they ringed the bell before I had mad it out of the cage. The fight started and the fighters were swinging at each other, throwing body and facial blows and I was still in the ring. That was an experience that I will never forget. Blood was flying. Bodies are being slammed into the fence and I was just thinking to myself that if I can just make it out that I’ll be ok.

UPM: Being in the public view so much, how do you have a romantic relationship?

BRIANA: Interesting that you ask. So when I attended a fight at Hollywood Casino as a ring girl, men come up right to the gate and proposition me. I’m not mean or anything so I let people follow me on social media if their interested but I don’t know you!

UPM: How do you choose?

BRIANA: It’s hard! I made a decision to give a guy my number and I regretted it. He became a stalker. He showed up when I was out with girlfriends or working other events. Some times I wish I was a guy because it seems that men just have it more easier than us as women do.

UPM: Why did you take a break from fashion?

BRIANA: I was in school. It was summer time and I needed to focus on me. I needed to work through some things. Now I’m back and I’m ready to step out! Modeling makes me the most happiest and this is my time to do what I love. I love this and ready to pursue it!

UPM: What was it like shooting with Unplugged Magazine?

BRIANA: Oh My God! I loved it! I’ve never done anything like this and I’m so glad that I did this. I can’t wait to see what the final product will be and being published is part of what I want to accomplish as a model. So thank you!

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