Meet Thessalonian

She is an R&B singer with a deep background in gospel music. She has performed in plays and musicals. She is releasing music and building her brand. Ladies and gentlemen! Capturing a portion of her interview on Phillip Bufford “LIVE” - Meet Thessalonian

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: What’s up America & Worldwide. We’re live and Thessalonian’s phone just died!

Thessalonian: I know! I can’t believe this! All my fans and support were rocking it with us live and I forgot to bring a charger! Now it’s dead and they were asking questions!

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: Shoot The Manager! Shame on you Joshua for not having a backup charger!

Thessalonian: Yea! Shame on you Joshua but don’t shoot him! I need him to drive me back to Cleveland after this interview! (laughing)

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: (Laughing hysterically). Alright! So let’s get the business! “Be Loved” is out which is fire by the way! So out of all the songs in the lineup to release, why this one?

Thessalonian: Thank you so much! Really it was the message! Ok, and the melody! Ok and it was the groove too. All of it as it came together did it for me. For my producer, I think it was the vibe but for Joshua and myself, it was the definitely the message. We all want to be loved! And we all want to be loved in so many different ways. When you love someone and you are loved there is just a freedom. That’s what we want. Be free and love does that!

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: I’m feeling that! Love definitely creates a freedom!

Thessalonian: That’s what I’m saying! Now if my phone was still alive I could tell all the fans why I did the song! (Laughing)

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: With your name being Thessalonian, you are in competition with the most popular book of the world – the Bible which has the books of Thessalonians in it. So how do you deal with the marketing challenge of your name for your music?

Thessalonian: I really don’t see it as a challenge. Keyword searches help and I’m all social media platforms so I’m available to be found. I do admit that if you don’t know what to look for regarding me that it can become a big challenge to find me. I don’t have an answer yet to that aspect of the question but search my name and the song and I will appear.

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: How important was it for you to use your name versus an alias?

Thessalonian: It was huge. I wanted to use my name. Me and my team had lots of discussion on the matter. We identified challenges and discussed it some more, then tabled the conversation and then came back to it. However, at the end, I was committed to using my name because that’s who I am and I didn’t want to be anything less than Thessalonian.

Phillip Bufford Live Radio: So tell the world about your music choice. Gospel or R&B?

Thessalonian: Honestly, I love all music. I sing R&B but I’m not ashamed of my background. It’s actually a shame that we have to label so many things. Good music is good music. So many times we can’t enjoy what we like because its not advertised under the label we’re comfortable with. Maybe one day, we’ll be able to just enjoy good music for the sake of good music.

*To contact Thessalonian for events and performances, contact Unplugged Magazine.

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