The Rise of Alyssa Alleyne-Atherly

UNPLUGGED: You just finished shooting with Unplugged Magazine in collaboration with Fiyah Magazine. What was that experience like for you?

ALYSSA: (Smiling very big) It was a super fun experience! It was fun getting to be creative. Having the opportunity have different looks and contribute to those different looks was exciting as well. I really enjoyed shooting at different locations too. Nothing was boring or uneventful. I also like the fact that the creative directors for each magazine gave plenty of directions and yet, all of you gave us the liberty to be creative in our own way too.

UNPLUGGED: Let’s pop the hood and see who Alyssa Alleyne-Atherly really is. What brought you into the fashion industry?

ALYSSA: It was something I always wanted to do as a child. However, I was never really encouraged by my family to pursue that course. So when I became of age, I chose to pursue modeling on my own. I knew people with cameras and some photographers so I started taking pictures to see what I could do. When I came to Columbus, Ohio I discovered that fashion was really big here with such events like Fashion week Columbus and more. I tried to enter into it as soon as I moved here but I was chosen my first year. So I put in more work to develop my craft and skill. The next year I tried again and I was accepted. I became elated at the opportunity. I took advantage of the opportunity and deep dived into this industry.

UNPLUGGED: With what designers have you done collaborations?

ALYSSA: I’ve worked with Alexandria J. I love her clothes. Her style is like lifestyle apparel and I want to buy everything she produces. I’ve had the privilege of working with Akili Cooper of JAHI. He creates some of the most gorgeous gowns I have ever seen and he is so young at the same time. His eye and abilities is absolutely mesmerizing. Then there is Dexis. She creates a lot of African culture clothing.

UNPLUGGED: Where are you from and what brought you to Columbus?

ALYSSA: I’m from Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised. My family is from Trenidad and Tobago. We’re West Indian. What brought me to Columbus was work. I’m a Java Developer in real life.

UNPLUGGED: How do you handle relationships as a model?

ALYSSA: I’ve been fortunate to be in the same relationship for the last 4 years. So I never really have to deal with the back and forth of dating multiple people and the emotional rollercoaster that can frequently accompanies dating.

UNPLUGGED: What don’t you like about the Fashion industry?

ALYSSA: I love everything that I’ve experienced so far in the fashion industry. There are some things that I’m not favorable of. As a matter of fact, let me think before I speak so I know how I want to say this. There people who complain during shows as we’re preparing to hit the runway. I’d prefer if people just enjoy the experience. Enjoy the moment. Be positive. Ba happy with what you’re doing right now.

UNPLUGGED: How is Fashion different in Trenidad versus in the States?

ALYSSA: Well, in Trenidad, the fashion market is heavily influenced by western culture. So much of the trends that you find in the States, you’ll also find it in Trenidad. Now it takes awhile for trends to catch on because Trenidad will get the trend once it becomes a successful trend in America. It’s not instant. A unique fashion feature to Trenidad is our love for bright colors. We love bright colors.

UNPLUGGED: What advice would you give to someone trying to enter the industry.

ALYSSA: Always be open to feedback. Take feedback in a constructive way even if it doesn’t feel like it’s constructive. Do as many shoots as you can. Walk in as many fashion shows as you can. Nothing is given to you in this industry so if you want it, you have to take it.

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