6 Degrees by Shari Marie

The 1st Degree:

Born in Dayton Ohio 28 year old Kumari started with music at the age of 7, she recorded a song which was paid for by her mother. she and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 12. She spent most of her life in Atlanta and New York. With the good life seeming so far out of reach, Kumari and her parents became homeless, bouncing from shelter to shelter for about 2 years. One day she ran into someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, that knew someone, who could help her in her future. This was the first chain-link into the 6 degrees of separation. Someone she knew introduced her to a studio located right next to TI studio, Grand Hustle. The studio 247 entertainment was owned by a former NBA player who had lots of money and nothing else to do.

The 2nd Degree

Wearing a T-shirt with 2 holes in the back. Kumari headed to the studio persuading the producer to let her show him what she’s got. He basically said "If u ain’t talking money I don't want to talk". Being homeless at the time Kumari didn’t have any money to put on the table. Desperate she begged with persistent and the producer eventually let up and allowed her to sing him a song. He was pleased and told her to come back at 3am when the owner is not there. She came back and they created a song later that night.

The 3rd Degree

Rapper Akon just so happens to record at the studio she recorded the song at. Through synchronicity, Akon heard Kumari's song. He was so impressed that the next day she got a call from Konvict Music inviting her back to the studio. Konvict Music signed her as a song writer.

“And that is where my journey began".

In just 3 degrees she went from homeless to a Songwriter signed with Konvict Music.

The 4th Degree

Originally hired as a songwriter at the age of 19, Kumari met Travis Porter, who worked with Konvict Music. She was supposed to write for someone on a Travis Porter track, but they loved her voice and energy so much to the point where they told her they wanted her as an artist on the album as well as a songwriter. In Atlanta, she performed on stage with Travis porter and Lil Jon.

"The music industry, people think it’s like a hard thing to get into but I don’t know if you heard of six degrees of separation ". A theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer degrees or steps away from each other. How many steps will you take?

“Taking a risk going out on your own freewill”.

The 5th Degree:

Desperate to build her own brand in the music industry as an Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Kumari and her engineer Nick White owner of Sonic Lounge Studios located in Grove City, Ohio, drove 3 hours to go to a concert trying to meet someone who could possibly introduce them to Machine Gun Kelly. Kumari would constantly go on social media and get close to people on social media liking their stuff, showing them loyalty and commitment. She wanted to show them that she's someone that they could use, someone that they could benefit from. She would promote them instead of herself on social media and that got her a DM asking her to come to another show they were having.

Kumari and Nick went to the MGK show. She took a risk to let them know she does music. Nick mentioned he has his Midi board with him reassuring them that they were ready to create. MGK and his crew didn't really pay them any attention so they went and paid for a V.I.P table, and watched the 30min performance. Beside MGK, family, and his crew, Kumari and Nick were the only ones to buy a V.I.P table. That is what got them noticed because they were wondering who are these people and why are they V.I.P but then realized these were the same people that came out last time, They’re always showing love and support on the internet, now they’re spending money for a V.I.P table just to come watch them perform.

Machine Gun Kelly team invites them down to Cleveland to perform with him for one of his bands show. Having performing with MGK twice, the crew heard that the engineer, Nick had a studio and asked how they can set something up where they can come record at their studio. They now have a connection that can never be broken.

That is something that is called independent Contracting. She created her own business, her own brand and when the time was right and they were ready to present, the most important part was if it was correct and ready”.

"It didn't matter if we met him or not, what mattered was when we did meet him would we be ready"?

They went on their own freewill to try to get noticed by MGK and his crew and be staffed but instead they received something far greater....A Connection.

Konvict Music to Universal Music.

The 6th Degree:

Separate from the artist mentioned before, Kumarri continued connecting using the science of networks. She worked with more big time artist such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Trey Songz, Monica, and Nicki Minaj.

"In the music industry it's all bout work ethic. If you want something you have to go get it".

If you feel like you're connected to something or someone, make an effort to introduce yourself to these people, not once, not twice, but as many times as it takes because you never know who or what will be your connect. She went from being homeless to signing with Konvict Music, to then being signed to Universal which was a little bigger then Konvict.

Taking a step back from Songwriting she transited to the business side, opening a business in Dayton Oh. The business was later moved to Cincinnati. Focusing on the business aspect of media for 5 years, Kumari's connections didn't stop there. One day while out partying, she met Dave Chappelle at a bar. Marketing herself, the two conversed for 3 hours about her credentials. Dave introduced her to a producer/rapper named Issa who gave her an opportunity to share the stage with him. Issa also shared the stage with other artist such as conscious rapper Talib Kweli and you know what that means...She was given an opportunity to be recognized and the rapper Talib could have very well been another connection, taking her 10 steps further.

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