Are You Thirsty by Nela Bivens

Are you Facebook thirsty?

Almost every time I scroll down my Facebook feed, I see the same things from the same desperate women. Did I say “desperate”? Yes, I did. I’m sorry! Perhaps I should say “thirsty”!

It amazes me how desperate women complain so often while none of their complaints are original. Let’s list some of the categories and ask yourself how many situations you fall in or if these words ever came out your mouth.

  1. Bad Dates.

  2. Bad relationships only lasting four months or less.

  3. Men aren’t Sh*t.

  4. Where are all the good men.

  5. I need to move to another state to meet their future husband.

Chicks always salty about their relationships with men and simultaneously posting comments like:

  • Fly as ever.

  • Out with the girls.

  • My inbox is blowing up.

  • Not disturbed.

  • Happy living my life.

Honey, you’re not deceiving anyone. The only one you got fooled is yourself! When you’re posting your entire life every single day, all day; you’re miserable and you have…NO LIFE!!

Simply said – YOU’RE THIRSTY!

You’re on Facebook way too much to have a real job! When you feed off the attention of your followers, their comments, and quantity of likes, you’re thirsty!

So let’s ask some real questions. We know you’re thirsty but why?

Is it an addiction. Every time your phone lights up, you have to check it, instantly. If you don’t check it, you’re agitated until you do. Almost sounds like a drug fiend, doesn’t it?

Are you alone? Is Facebook your means of socializing with people? If so, we need to go back to basics. Put the phone down and actually go some place and talk to people. There is no substitute for natural human interaction face-to-face.

Are you hiding something? At first glance, it seems like you’re hiding nothing since your whole life is on Facebook. However, you and I know better. You only share what happens to you. You don’t share how vulnerable you feel when it happens. That stuff you hide. Which raises the question, what else are you hiding? Do you not feel adequate to have love? Do you feel insufficient as person? Do you feel life is passing you by? What do you think you may be hiding from yourself?

Let’s face it! Some of you are beyond thirsty! You’re just plain dehydrated!

So let me slide an IV of resolution back into your soul and get you the nutrients you crave!

Step 1: Get a real life!

Here’s a little secret everyone reading your feed is saying. People who have a life do not feel the need to put their life on Facebook. Have some discretion. Practice restraint. Trust me, when you get a real life, some stuff you don’t want people to know.

Step 2: Get a real job!

A little responsibility has never hurt anybody. And clearly you don’t have enough responsibility to preoccupy yourself from spending all day every day on Facebook. If you do have a job, then put your energy in doing a good work so you can get more money and advance your career and yourself. A woman who has a man as her financial plan is a woman who will never have control of her life for the rest of her life.

Step 3: Get some real friends

Apparently 1 of 2 things is happening. Either you have no real friends who will tell you that you’re doing some stupid crap or you have real friends and you just don’t listen. In either case, shame on you. In case 1, you chose those friends so you need to make some better choices. In case 2, you chose to ignore them because you’re think you’re always right. Well, look at your life, it’s clear you’re not so take the help before your friends stop offering it and they leave you to your own stupidity.

You know I’m right so just nod your head girl and turn the page!

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