CCAD Gets Busy on the Runway

The event was jam-packed. Awesome experience. Columbus College of Art and Design Senior Fashion Show was absolutely amazing. The line-up was dynamic, and the show kept you wanting more.

Let’s get to the details, shall we?

First, the show was ideally setup at the Columbus Convention Center. Great location. Easy to find. Easy to park with easy access. Easily, CCAD get an “A” letter grade.

Secondly, the hospitality area was set up to impress. CCAD had this huge jumbotron shaped in the form of a person’s face which shifted one face after the other. The idea of diversity & inclusion

was easily recognized and significantly welcomed. Moreover, the hospitality staff had their ducks in a row!

Everyone had name tags for guest and media alike. Everyone was accommodating, and nothing was left out of place. UPM give CCAD an “A+” letter grade for this category.

Thirdly, the Senior Fashion show was a hit! Of course, it drew big names in the city of Columbus while having Columbus’ sweetheart – Karina Nova, host the show. The layout was ideal having the camera ideally placed for flat on ground audience level runway. The runway itself was shaped in the form of cross which accommodated the choreography and sequence of model and design showcases. Media sat at a higher level, so we could capture the moment and the show had no down time what so ever! In other words, once it started, IT NEVER STOPPED!

That’s the kind of show we like! So, let’s talk about the designers and their work.

Diane O Brown defines her line “Global Expressions” as sophisticated, queenly and colorful and it indeed was. Amanda Burnside and Kiara-Maria Hernandez showcased Diane’s work gracefully!

Lindsay Casimir was all about the active and performance wear. If you’re into working out and being comfortable with a fashion edge, then The Sweat Life collection is the line for you!

Mabel Castellar hit everyone with the playful and colorful “Candy Pockets” line for your kids. Watching the children hit the runway simply stole everyone’s heart. Bravo Mabel!

Hsunyin Chang came all the way from Taiwan and rocked the runway with cool unisex apparel entitled “Insects”.

Chelsea Funk hits the audience again with her “Teddy Bear Picnic” line for kids that makes children in her words “Funky Fabulous, and Fun”.

Kathryn Geraci graced the runway with her “Posy” apparel which focuses on the mindset of people versus the trend of the day.

Sydney Hulett models glided the runway with her avant-garde line “Structured Movement” with materials made from the same designer as Louis Vuitton. Uh oh! The big boys better look out, Sidney Hulett is coming for you!

The hometown girl, Luci McCombs-Byrne, showcase her line “March Forward” which was inspired by 1950’s military uniforms.

From Puerto Rico, Natalia Monserrate models rock a powerful and dreamy fashion collection called “Diana”.

The Marine Corp veteran and St. Croix native, Erica Rodney has her models hit the runway with the line “Kanekalon” that she describes as Shift, Hidden, and Darkness. THANK YOU ERICA FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FASHION!

From Indonesia, Steffy Tjandra gives the fashion show a peek into her elegant and youthful “Eden Eclipse” line that simply is dreamy!

Then Steffy’s twin sister, Stenny Tjandra follows up with a peek into more of the feminine and classy line of “Eden Eclipse” as a collection.

The homeboy from New Jersey didn’t disappoint either. Damien Tobi smacked the runway with the “Fetiche Royal” line that was powerful and certainly catered to the fetishes. The audience screamed with his line that dared the mind and eyes!

Pale Vanity is showcased by the models representing Luyao Zhang. This line can be best described as meticulous, conceptual and architectural from the designer from China.

Finally, we have from Beijing – Xinyue Zhang. Her collection called “Kids’ Science” can be captured in the following words; colorful and scientific.

All in all, the designers did not disappoint, and the audience agree that it was a show worth seeing. So CCAD gets an “A+” for this section.

In addition, Unplugged Magazine salutes the following students who were singled out by the CCAD Faculty for their outstanding achievements.

Luyao Zhang

Clark Baker

Jason Elizondo

Erica Eppert

Taylor O’Donnell

Kristina Clark

Kyle Benson

Samantha Thune

Best wishes to everyone on your future endeavors! Congratulations one more time to all the senior and CCAD! Let’s rock the world with your creativity!

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