2nd Coming of Hakeem Valentine

UNPLUGGED: Tell us about the new music you’re releasing.

HAKEEM: Well, we’ve got “2nd Coming” being released right now. Summer time is always a good time to release a new music project. The album consists of 13 singles, a couple of collaboration and so much more. We’ve got a little something for everyone to enjoy. It get’s a little deep and intense on some songs while smooth on other ones. I even get a little emotional but it’s something in which, we can all vibe. Plus, you’ll learn a lesson or two from it.

UNPLUGGED: Why call the album “2nd Coming”?

HAKEEM: In my own opinion, my step into the game was as a young one. I was 18 and had a lot to say but still had much more to learn. This album has more substance. More life lessons and experiences that’s cultivated my mindset and way of thinking. This album contains double entendres. We’re speaking kind of religiously. You’ll hear it in the music to really know what it’s about. Ultimately, it’s my 2nd coming into this music industry. It’s another opportunity for me to show you what I’m working with in this game. Show you my artistry. Show you what I want to give you!

UNPLUGGED: What’s the vibe of the album?

HAKEEM: The album defines pain. It defines suffering. It defines all the things that can take a young man

and turn him into a grown man. This album articulates struggles, depression, heart ache to partying so the vibe is a reminiscent vibe. The kind of vibe that makes you contemplate where you’ve been, how you got there and where you’re going. The album contains every emotion a young man feels through his growth to becoming a man.

UNPLUGGED: What song stands out the most for you?

HAKEEM: “Fake Legends” is the one that stands out the most to me. We live in a city where I’ve experienced my fair share of haters. People don’t like to collaborate unless there is something in it for them and they’re the star too. We need to try to work together a little bit more. Nevertheless, you’re going to have haters and you need to grind no matter who is throwing shade. The hustle doesn’t stop. “Fake Legends” is the biggest song on there for me.

UNPLUGGED: What does it mean to be published for your career?

HAKEEM: Man, it means a lot! It’s truly an honor! Working with Phillip Bufford and WTMH Radio, it really an honor to be published in Unplugged Magazine. This was started from the ground up for artists like me, models and more. Unplugged Magazine really shines the light on talent and brings them to the spotlight so people can know them and what people like us are all about. I’m privileged to be part of it as its success continues to be international in places like Moscow and Beijing. Honestly, to have an opportunity to be published like this is one of the biggest things I’ve done and it’s very special to me.

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