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Hellloooo fellow beauty lovers, partakers, students and learners!

My name is Olive and I'm your certified beauty professional.

I appreciate and love this industry so much. I've made a life of submersing myself within it. And now, I’m here just for you to give you little secrets to help make a difference in your beauty appeal.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Today’s Topic - Winter vs Summer hair and skin!

#1 Winter complaint – Everything is dry!

This is the time for your hair care products to have a moisture base. Your products need to give your hair a drink of moisture so it can stay bouncy and shiny. Hairspray can be lighter. Frizz products can be used with other options.

Quick secret - Shampoo less & condition more.

Gasp! Who would have thunk, right?!

Everything revolves around moisture. I have days where I skip shampooing but condition in the shower. I have all moisture products which I blowdry into my hair and never shy away from my trusty Oi Oi Oil after drying.

The same idea applies to your skin too!

Hand lotion saves lives in the winter and in transition. However, ultimately I’m referring that gorgeous face of yours. Whether or not you're getting your every 3/4 week facial, I can almost guarantee everyone does something for their skin. So it may be time to switch moisturizer and maybe adjust a couple products.

Keep this on a general level-- skin is complicated.

Which means, if your battling specific problems, keep your regiment. It's dry time so go a little easier on the constant "dry out your pores" masks and switch to a little heavier moisturizer, a little gentler cleanser, and get some rose water.

Speaking of rose water, I'm on the train of enjoying products with a natural base. A natural thought process helps too! Lol! I can’t help but be extremely inquisitive when it comes to what I'm smothering my body in. Rose water is exactly what it sounds like. Roses have natural moisture properties that soothes skin and add extra moisture without being oily. Look good! Feel good! Smell good!

By the way, even though it’s still cool, have some oxygen treatments done in your facials. Super inexpensive with super incredible outcomes. Basically, pushing cold pure oxygen into your skin will seal and sooth your skin along with locking in some moisture. TRY IT!

On the flip side, let’s talk summer.

Summer makes us oily, greasy, and frizzy humans. Summer hair is the best and worst of times all rolled into one.

Let's talk about frizz control.

A couple things really weigh into this topic so lets break it down into 3 ideas.

  1. Blowdry Technique

  2. Taming treatments

Product switches back to protein based/keratin based. It’s a little heavier and based around control. The smoothing creams and keratin are endless.

Blow drying is key. Your hair has to be dry. There can be no exceptions on this point! Leaving your hair slightly damp guarantees the remaining water to evaporate naturally in the humidity and create that wonderful frizz.

Last is taming treatments. Ladies, let’s face it! Sometimes our hair needs help! Trust me, I get taming treatments too! Taming treatments tame that frizz for different amounts of time. It IS NOT a relaxer. Check them out, ask your stylist.

Skin is different in the summer as well.

Not sure the rest of the world but I'm constantly overheating and my everything is oily. So it's time to bring back twice a week facial masks that really detox the pores and help keep balance. Lighten your moisturizer too! Keep it simple!

Get a nice strong cleanser again. No scrubs. Just a cleanser. There is a difference.

More tips for the approaching summer.

#1 - Chlorine ruins all things hair. Color, texture, everything – RUINED!

#2 – When purchasing sunscreen, remember SPF only means how long it lasts and not that it’s a strong defense.

An example to that point is “SPF 30” lasts approximately 3 hours. You get what you pay for so do your research and pick a sunscreen that works for you. Vitamin D is a hormone (recently learned that) it is a necessity to have. Don’t be afraid to be in the sun! There is a difference between healthy sun exposure and becoming human leather.

I'm so excited to share and connect with you! Follow me for all things hair and beauty! In the meantime, enjoy this season, I know I will! Summer’s around the corner!


Olive (@artistolive)

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