Dapper Up!

It’s Spring 2018 folks!

Here at Unplugged magazine we know everyone is gearing up for the Spring Fashions and the soon-coming Summer buzz.

Some of us are still sick trying to recover from the Winter overcast. Some of us are exhausted from working long hours to fix that big crater in our bank account.

Its Spring time baby!

These are people’s favorite months of the year because new life is everywhere. So let’s gear up shall we?

This is the time where you size up your closet and ask yourself “Is your closet ready for Spring 2018?”

If your closet responds with anything less than a sexy yes, then we need revamp space lost fashion.

First, avoid the fads. We don’t need you looking like anybody else. We need that personality to shine. We need those distinct features to come out.

As a matter of fact, don’t tell me who you are! Show me who you are!

Secondly, don’t break the bank.

Have budget and live in it. The days off keeping up with the Jones are over. You don’t need to be rich to dress like a million bucks. Money doesn’t make style. Style portrays money, you feel me?!

Thirdly, look retail while shopping wholesale.

Think about your closet like a retail store. Retail buy wholesale. So buy wholesale. Make a profit on your look rather than stores making a profit on you.

Cover the basic essentials to equip your wardrobe.

Ladies – heels, dresses, skirts, jeans, blouses and t-shirts.

Fellas – shoes, jeans, slacks, button-downs, t-shirts, jackets, and socks

Now build your accessories. These pieces get used the most and are subject to wear and tear. All it can take is for one yellowish white shirt to throw your whole masterpiece off. So keep it fresh. Wash it or pitch it

Get an appetite to experiment with your wardrobe. You’ll thank yourself for it later

Ok, I’ve given you a head start, my people. Spring 2018 is here and it’s time to DAPPER UP!

  • Dapper Squad Out!

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