Prophocey Wins Music Awards

Award-winning Gospel Hip Artist - Prophocey sits down and reveals his music experience and winning music awards in the Gospel industry.

UNPLUGGED: Let’s talk about the awards you’ve won this year. Tell us about it.

PROPHOCEY: Well, I’ve been nominated for several different awards this year. I’ve been fortunate to win at the Praise-Factor Awards in Atlanta, The Ohio Hip Hop Awards in Cleveland, and the Key of Gospel Music Ministry Awards in Dallas. My marketing team put the information out to everyone so our fans were aware of the award nominations and knew how to make their vote. In order to get nominated, you have to have the fans behind you and in order to win, the fans must vote for you. So I’ve been blessed to have both. Consequently, I’ve been able to walk away with 3 awards in 2017.

UNPLUGGED: So what was the process like to develop yourself and ultimately have a team behind you?

PROPHOCEY: Well, everyone’s story is different. I never planned on having 30 people around me. My story is just matter of hustling and grinding. I always envisioned myself doing what I need to do. If I ever met someone who was able to create an opportunity for me, we’ll create a partnership versus the idea of that person being my employee. The core of what I do has always been good music. If the music wasn’t as good as it was, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. I don’t follow trends. The new sounds out there now are not my concern when it comes to my projects. My music has to be original where I can feel it in my gut, my emotions, and my feelings. That’s my sound. That’s Prophocey! And all of its coming from God so I’m not dependent on the trends to make me. I’m original. So the process was developing good music, growing my character and building relationships the blossomed into real results. And if those relationships just happened to attach themselves to me, I’m thankful to God for it.

UNPLUGGED: How long has this journey been for Prophecey?

PROPHOCEY: I wrote my 1st song when I was fourteen. On a national platform, I’ve been going hard since 2013. One of the main lessons I’ve learned sounds cliché but it’s true nonetheless. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. I’ve been some places where I was certain they would never love my music and they are some of my biggest fans today. I’ve gone to other places where I discovered people who present themselves as the nice upstanding person will take advantage of you. I’ve learned you never just have 1 option. There’s always more than 1 option. Another lesson learned was God’s in control. I’ve learned not every door that opens is for me or my best interests. It’s been a journey and I have no regrets.

UNPLUGGED: How do you manage the artist versus the businessman in yourself?

PROPHOCEY: Managing those roles within myself is a job by itself. As an artist, when I’m performing, I go into a zone. Sometimes it’s 2 hours before a show. Sometimes it’s 2 days. I’ve even been in the zone for a week. Being in the zone means I shut everything down and focus solely on my performance. However, as a businessman, I can’t do that. I have to be available. When it comes to business, it’s all about strategy, relationships, and making decisions. As an artist, I never have to worry about the future. As an artist, I live in the moment to bring the best performance for my fans. So it’s definitely balancing act.

UNPLUGGED: How do you have successful romantic relationship when you’re as busy as you are?

PROPHOCEY: For me, we have to be equally yoked. It’s important to me that my significant other is successful and she understands my success as well. I’m a fun, loving individual. I laugh at practically everything. I’m an old school head so I love old school music. I like to keep it simple. So when I’m with my special someone, it’s nice to go out but I’m good to laying back and chillin’ at the house.

UNPLUGGED: So is there someone special in your life and how do they deal with you?

PROPHOCEY: Yes, I have someone special. We communicate on everything. Every app we use. We communicate a lot and we keep it consistent. I like to laugh so it helps keep the relationship light.

UNPLUGGED: In the Gospel Music industry, how do you keep your faith while playing with the sharks?

PROPHOCEY: Prayer! People burn you in ways that you thought you couldn’t be burned people who claim to serve the same God you do. People lie! Man, do they lie! Yet on the flip side, I’ve seen people who were absolutely unimpressive and they became a brother for a lifetime! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the more I accomplish, the more snakes you find in the garden. So I have to be all the more vigilant about myself, my team and those things which are precious to me.

UNPLUGGED: Is your company Real Music, sliding into the fashion industry?

PROPHOCEY: (Laughing) You have a good eye. Absolutely! We have some things lined up which we’re not ready to release yet but I’m wearing some of our apparel just because it continues the marketing and branding that you are constantly working to building.

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