Krazy Kay Rocks the Mic

Unplugged Magazine was notified of a young lady with lyrical skills which could go toe-to-toe with any male rapper. Naturally, we were intrigued so we investigated. Here’s what we discovered.

Kaysha Prunty aka Krazy Kay is a vocalist and rapper from Columbus, Ohio.

With the cultural background of Filipina Native American, Puerto Rican, and African American, her music abilities are as diverse as her heritage. This 5’6”, 23 year-old commissioned artist has the aspirations to rival the likes of any female artist in the music industry today. So we had to ask her what inspired the name Krazy Kay.

“My ex gave me the name. I’m just going to leave it there.”

So we pressed a little more and she revealed…

“Krazy means more than getting fed up and snapping. It means crazy passion, crazy music, and crazy lyrics. So I took the name and just ran with it.”

When we asked about what she thinks people want to her from her, she said…

“When I’m singing, they want to hear R&B. When I’m rapping, the want to hear upbeat music. Not so much trap music but music that gets them going in the club. I also write conscious rap too. People want to hear something that’s worth being heard.”

Then we told her we heard about her “Subliminally seductive” style as well as the phrase “The art of seduction”. We asked her to explain what that meant.

“That’s definitely a different person in me. Mostly, it’s me writing and singing seductively. Seductively meaning I’m not blatantly saying what I would do. Keep it to the imagination, you know?”

Shifting gears, we discussed her music and we were curious to know what new projects she had on the horizon.

“Well, the name of the project is called “Naughty by Nature”. It’s a 3 song EP. There’s a feature on it from Mike Smith who is great singer. Extremely talented. The release date is not set yet but we’ll keep you updated on it.”

Discovering just a little more about Krazy Kay and her affiliation with GMB, we were curious how does it feel to be the only female performer in the group.

“Presidential! Look at me! I’m surrounded by big guys most of which are over 6 feet. Nobody can talk to me (not that I’m looking to be with anyone). So it really feels presidential! All of us are independent artists but we do collaborations together. I sing on their songs and they do stuff on mine. As a matter of fact, shout out to Big Homie Loyal, Gunner, Psych…”

So we asked Krazy Kay what she would like to accomplish next in the grand scheme of things.

“What’s next is getting paid for my shows. The struggle is real out here where you spend a lot of time preparing for performances and you make no money after all that work. Outside of that, I want to host my own shows. Bring other artists on the stage. I’d like to intertwine my music along with my art whereby it can become a business for me.”

We like to thank Krazy Kay for talking with us and wish her the best her music journey. You can contact Krazy Kay on the following social media outlets:

  • Instagram - @krazykay_theartist

  • Instagram – @kd_pure_artistry

  • Facebook – @Kay Datrice (Krazy kay)

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