8th Annual Fashion Week Columbus

The Midwest region’s largest fashion event happened in the 3rd largest fashion designing city in the United States – Columbus, Ohio.

Fashion Week Columbus out did themselves this year!

How did they do so might you ask? Well, let’s tell!

First, the Week of Fashion and the events were absolutely phenomenal. Every single event for every day of the week was superb! Not one event was stuffy, stale, or unexciting. No ma’am! Quite to the contrary, it was fluid, fun and over-the-top exhilarating.

Just to mention a couple of our favorite events. We loved “Elevate”. The warehouse feel. The exposed brick. The urban context with diverse clothing. New entrepreneurs trying their hand in the industry. Creative visual artists manifesting their masterpiece into reality with every stroke of their brush. And who could say no to the bar, the drinks, the cocktails along with the models, designers, and the gathering of fashionistas.

Or let’s talk about OneKreate!

OMG! It was like being in one big photo shoot. Models filled every room. Designers stepped up their showcase! The clothing was so diverse! The accessories were amazing and the energy was off the chart. We almost forgot to work!

Can you say Alex Vinash?!

His interview with Nia Noelle of Radio One was so informative! Not only is a he a true designer but he is master of using his environment to distinguish himself! No excuses with this man! His adaptability amazed everyone. He even decided to accept student from Columbus State Community College to intern for him! The man has great energy and honest but most of all humble! The biggest trait we admired mostly about him. No airs. No conceit. Arrogance was absent. His work spoke for itself and he enjoyed what his work said and so did we!

The Il Moda party was full of great energy. Nothing like letting your hair down and rubbing shoulders people who are at the top of their game in the fashion industry. Large enough where you aren’t in the room by yourself and yet small enough to meet everyone who you want. And who can speak anything ill about the lovely Lubna Najjar?! Her energy on Friday not was all over the place. She smiled and took photos with EVERYONE!!! GO LUBNA!

And the finale!!!

What can we say? It was the perfect conclusion to a perfect week! The VIP Party had the who’s who of the fashion industry present. The runway finale was hosted by our girl – Karina Nova of TV10. The designers rocked the runway with big names like Geraldo Encinas, Joan Madison, Juan Jose Saenz Ferreyros, Jonathan Marc Stein, Esther Sands, Zuri Greer, Olivia Dorado along with headliner – Alex Vinash.

And all of it was reported live from WTMH Radio hosted by Delayne Whiteside aka DJ Layne Luv!

And after all of that, there is still more to comment!

Fashion Week was full of so much diversity! Nothing was the same. Everything had its own life. Its own identity. Its own place and respected within its own accomplishment. The collaboration of creatives throughout the week was amazing and is a goal every industry to should work to achieve.

Of course, we make it our business to avoid sounding too cheesy when reviewing events. However, in this case, it is truly worth stating that if people around the world could lay down their difference and collaborate together as it was achieved during Fashion Week Columbus, so much could be accomplished everywhere around the world.

And that is saying something!

So hats off to Tommy McClure, Scott Schweitzer, Whitney Kaczor, Neil Tenzer, Whitney Smith, Nia Noelle, Karina Nova, Erica Lee, Sera Koulabdara, Lubna Najjar, and John Bishop. We salute you!

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