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Mondo music here giving you the music for your ear. Of course, music for most of us is therapy so lay back and allow me to discuss one album that I found extremely intriguing.

First, I was extremely excited to review this first album Entitled introducing Stokley (lead singer from Mint Condition). Now before even listening to the album, I was ready for some great R&B music. After all, if you’re familiar with Mint Condition at all, you know the great hits like “Breakin My Heart” and “Pretty Brown Eyes”. For this album, I had imagined beautiful ballads, great songwriting, some live music and more. Upon hearing the 1st release single called "Level" I thought it was a good start to a highly anticipated album but I’m sure there was more.

The second song "Organic" wasn’t all that impressive. I wasn't dissatisfied with the lyrics. The songwriting was on point. The execution of the song just seemed to fall flat. Next up "Thinking About You" was a nice song until…Autotune took over. Yes, you heard me correctly – AUTOTUNE! Stokely has one of the most distinctive voices in the R&B genre of the music industry so it’s beyond me why they ruined a perfectly good song with Autotune.

The next song "Cross the Line" got me quickly back in focus. Yes, it was a great throwback to the era of Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller”. ,It was truly exceptional!

Next Up - the standout song "Virginia". This tropical mash of great island music just works so well! This is an example of a musical experiment going 100% right.

Then comes the next song, “U & I" featuring Estelle. It was a cool song although it just lacked a spark that you would expect with 2 very nice artists with great vocal control.

After that came "Up" featuring Wale. I grade this as a plain old C letter grade. The truth is you could've plug in any rapper and got the same affect.

Fast forward to "Be with You" and I felt like I was smacked with great music and we are back on track again.

"Forcast" was another well written song.

By time it was all over, I listened to 15 songs and one standout. Yes, I was over the album! The Mint Condition lead singer had a slow burner on his first solo venture and in the process of trying to be diverse, Stokely lost his core. Besides a few stand-out songs demonstrating his talent and ability, I was highly disappointed. Sometimes you’re a hit and sometimes you’re not. That’s the name of this game.

Mondo Music signing off!

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