Cierra Jones Ambitions Renewed

UNPLUGGED: So Cierra, you’ve taken a break from fashion to be mother and wife and now you’re back! So how does it feel to back in the swing of things showcasing your new designs for the world to see?

CIERRA JONES: It feels so awesome. Almost magical. I’m a new mom to my 11 month old daughter named Lily and feels good to transition out of mommy mode back to designer and stylist. It feels so good!

UNPLUGGED: So tell us about the designs that you have splashed throughout this issue of Unplugged Magazine. What are these designs?

CIERRA JONES: Well, first we have the elegant after 5 look. It includes a really pretty green color in a gown fashion with a short train. Secondly, we have what I like to call the “Black Russian” look. This style has the faux fur head piece, leather pants with the split in the knees. We have a white blouse layered with a white blazer layered with black fur vest. The outfit is complimented with cute black bootie heels. Finally we have the Sporty look. A 2-piece grey skirt with the white and pink waist band and the garment comes with a olive green jacket with a sparkled pink roman numeral 86 lettering on the back. It’s made out of cotton with a crop top to match the skirt. It has the LPFC lettering (Lipstick. Paycheck. Faith. Cake).

UNPLUGGED: So what does the number “86” stand for?

CIERRA JONES: It marks the beginning of IHeartCeCe.

UNPLUGGED: So what inspires your designs?

CIERRA JONES: So when I think of a woman, I always think of sexy and elegant first. Women are like flowers. We bloom. We smell good. We look delicate but can grow in some harsh conditions. So the inspiration derives from that sexy and elegant feeling and embellish it to another level. So for my after green emerald gown, we exaggerate the sexy and elegance with the train. I designed the gown so it contours the shape of any woman highlighting her curves. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a nice split.

UNPLUGGED: Do you find it difficult securing diverse fabrics for your designs?

CIERRA JONES: Actually I don’t. Any materials I need, I just utilize the internet and have it shipped to me. If I can’t find what I need at Joann’s Fabrics, I’ll google my fabric for the best option. Currently, I’m importing diverse silks from the Somalian countries in Africa.

UNPLUGGED: Do you find your designs more trendy or fashion-forward?

CIERRA JONES: I’d have to say both. Of course, you want to stay trendy so people will buy your product but at the same time you don’t want to limit your creativity by merely what’s popular. The ultimate goal is to become the trend versus trying to keep up with it. It’s always easier to set the pace rather than running to someone else pace. After all, that’s where the money is.

UNPLUGGED: What’s next?

CIERRA JONES: My next fashion show. RAW 2018. So stay tuned!

Contact Cierra Jones at:

Instagram: @Iheartcece

Facebook: IHeartCeCe

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