Double Standard Love

Ok, so let just get to it!

All of us have had people comment on our families. As kids, friends were subject to get slapped, if they talked about my family. Now as an adult, I’m liable to choke the hell out of you (in my mind), if you put your mouth on my family.

Yes, double standards are real AND COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE!

Anyone with a family would agree.

If my sister is ratchet, I can talk about her all day with absolutely no remorse. You can’t! I’m her sister. You’re not. Is this a double standard? You bet it is! Is it acceptable? Absolutely! Why?

Blood is thicker than water! As much as our family pisses us off with the stupid crap they do, we’ll always go to bat for them because they’re family. You might be stupid but you’re MY stupid family member.

But when it’s your immediate family, the double standards are higher.

Parents are the masters of double standard love.

We love our kids and they’re mischief knowing full well, if another child (not ours) did what our child just did – we’d beat them where they stood! We tolerate our kids’ misconduct while other children’s misconduct is intolerable.

What can I say?

It’s Double Standard Love.

You didn’t spend 16, 25, or 32 hours in labor to bring in this world that little bundle of joy. Of course, they’re not perfect – THEY’RE KIDS.

Yes, how our children grow up is a reflection on us as parents. So yes, we have a lot to learn as parents. No kid comes with directions. So we have to figure it out. We learn to be how to be good parents as we try to teach our kids how to be good little humans.

Might I add, all at the same time too!

So perhaps, the double standard we have, as parents, is justified by our learning curve to be good parents. Perhaps, it’s wrong for us to tolerate our kids and think other kids to be intolerable. Perhaps, all of you self-entitled, know-it-all, never making a mistake experts have all the correct answers.

However, I believe I speak for all parents when I say this – GO TO HELL!

It’s not our responsibility to raise other people’s kids. It’s my job to raise mine. We don’t have to like other kids’ bad behavior either! There are times I don’t like my kids or they’re bad behavior.

However, I believe all parents stand with me in agreement when I say each child is unique. Sometimes we have to give our kids the room to learn and grow. Yes, we want our kids to have proper manners but every kid doesn’t learn it at the same pace.

So to all the parents raising your little humans as best you can with as much as you personally learn and know for your child’s sakes, this I say – ROCK ON!

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