A Day With Christian Holiday by Lacaya Bx

Lacaya Bx: Who is Christian W. Holiday?

Christian Holiday: I'm just a fly creative guy. For real you know, I've always been into art, fashion, music and entertainment. I've always had a desire to create and bring things to life but it can be taxing on some people. Not everybody has the courage to make something and put it out there for the public to criticize or celebrate it. For me, once I got over the fear, it's been non-stop ever since. Regarding how I perceive myself, I’m more than just a hip hop artist. I’m a writer, actor and a designer. Long story short, I am the brand of my business because I am the business.

Lacaya Bx: With regards to fashion, what is your target audience?

Christian Holiday: If you look at the fashion industry, you know women buy the most. The product doesn’t matter. Fashion sales are driven by women more than men gay or straight. So a smart businessman (like I consider myself to be) caters to that demographic because that’s where the purchase power resides and it’s with women my brand stands the best chance to grow. I plan to create a sexy exclusive line for women. Designer glasses. Jackets. Vests. Denim apparel. The line will be super inexpensive but accessible with pieces I love to see a woman wearing. Of course, I can’t leave men out of the picture. I will do men's vests, a line of sunglasses and a line of exclusive jeans too. Fashion and art. The best of both worlds.

Lacaya Bx: Would you consider yourself to be a rapper or an R&B singer?

Christian Holiday: When I was younger, before my voice got deep, I thought I was that R&B thing. I sung in the choir. I’d sing “Butter Love” next to the little girl. At first, I wanted to sing when I stepped into the entertainment game. I just wanted to get girls. Coming up, all of the R&B singers got the girls. Jagged Edge. 112. Ginuwine. They got all the girls so I was like, I'm going to make me some R&B songs too. However, I think the lyricism from my R&B rolled over into Hip Hop. My voice got deep and it just became the preferred method of delivering my craft. Now, I can still carry a little tune but I'm not big into the singing. But I feel if people like Pharrell can get songs like “Frontin" off, then I can get some songs off too.

Lacaya Bx: So what upcoming projects can your fans expect next?

Christian Holiday: You know, I feel like I'm at the point in my music career where I'm done making songs. It’s time to make records. I’m talking about making classics. You know, those kind of songs you want to listen to forever. Keep the lyrical content but the concept and beats will get a lot more artistic. I'm really focusing on some great music. The kind you want to hear every morning when you wake up.

Lacaya Bx: Sounds like your reinventing yourself and your music to be more motivational and upbeat. The kind of music audiences can listen to in the morning as they get ready for work, school etc. Is that correct?

Christian Holiday: Absolutely. You know, that motivational song you want to hear before you go out. It’s that song whereby that's all you want to here before you turn up. So the name of my entertainment company is Versatile Vision. Versatile Vision speaks for itself. I’m versatile in all that I do and my expectation is that my team and those that sign with us do the same. If you want to be successful in this game, you just can't be satisfied flipping one trick. Furthermore, it’s impossible to satisfy every media outlet and person with one item. You have to have something for everybody. So I definitely like to have different avenues of expression because you can't put all your eggs in one basket.

Lacaya Bx: If you had a chance to perform with five different artist dead or alive, who would they be?

Christian Holiday: Definitely the King of Pop Michael Jackson. That would be so legendary and so epic. I couldn't pass that up, even if I had 60 seconds to be onstage with Michael. I would cherish that moment forever. Jay-Z is definitely my favorite hip-hop artist. Sade. She is so super dope she defines smooth moves like she is "Midnight Love”. Can’t forget about my girl - Erykah Badu. And for my fifth person – Billie Holiday. Billie is a legend all by herself. If she just stood on stage as my muse while I performed one song, that would be more than enough. Here I am Billie. Here I am!

Lacaya Bx: Now how do you balance time between your business ventures and being a good dad?

Christian Holiday: You just do it. There's no explanation to it. Like I said, I enjoy versatility. When I’m performing, I go 100%. When I’m in daddy mode, my daughter gets 100%. Once you focus on your passion, you clean out what doesn’t matter. This way, everything you devote your time to matters and becomes important. My daughter is important and my career is important so find time to do both and I give 100% each time.

Lacaya Bx: What’s your advice to upcoming artist?

Christian Holiday: Just be true to yourself. Be yourself. Don't do anything that will cause you to hate yourself later.

Lacaya Bx: How can people find you and book you?

Christian Holiday: Just Google me. Christian W. Holiday. My digital footprints are out there. Facebook. Instagram. My music streams for free on Sound Cloud and watch my videos on YouTube. Thanks for coming out to me today. Unplugged Magazine, stay tuned because more is certainly on the way. Thanks for the love.

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