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Shane the Da Prynce is a hip hop artist expanding his craft to be all-encompassing regarding the music industry. After doing music for quite some time, he stepped away from the entertainment life to focus on providing for his family. It was important to Da Prynce to give his family the stability and support he felt his family needed and should have above all else.

However, now that he has his family where they are stable and comfortable and with a new music project to be released, Shayne Da Prince is back!

He was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. West Philly to be exact (watch out Will Smith).

He moved to Columbus, Ohio for a new start after being put out of the house by his mother. Why did momma put out the Da Prynce?

Well, he reached out to his father to gain closure in that chapter in his life. He never wanted the lack of a father figure in his life to be an excuse to excel in his life and career.

Ultimately, Shayne Da Prynce began his own journey as a father. He is the proud father of 2 lovely girls.

In his words, “Music is my therapist. It speaks to the good, the bad and the silly in my life.”

Da Prynce: “Being a fulltime father plays a big part in some of my music, because when I’m happy I make happy music. I can wake up one day and my daughter can be real silly and I can make a son about it.”

One would say that Da Prynce is very passionate about his family and his music and that is what keeps him motivated. He is not a Rapper or an R&B singer he is simple just and ARTIST! He is not wanting to be in just one area of music and he is does so much outside of music.

With so many hats I had to know how does he keep it all together to balance it all and he simple said “I must thank my better half, Chloe because she is my support system. We have a game plan that helps me get my work done to be able to support my family and work on my legacy.”

With his new project coming out he is still wanting to do so much more, such as starting a community center that will have a recording studio so that he helps anyone that is willing to put in the work to be become the next break out into the music industry and not to forget everyone else basketball courts to get the next NBA/WNBA star, and other programs. Yes, he wants to make things happen for all around him.

All I can say is keep an eye out for this guy he is already big, but there are even bigger things to come. So I close with a quote from his daughter Jada “Stay loyal and be humble”

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