You Can't Make Anyone Love You by Phillip Bufford

Relationships are full of good moments and not-so good moments. However, one thing you can’t do is make a person love you.

Sure, you can manipulate people to do what you want them to do but you and I both know that’s not love. Sure you can say and do all the right things to position someone emotionally to believe they’re in love with you….until you tell them you exploited their feelings for your advantage, but then we know the fall out of such disclosure, don’t we?

One of the things that makes someone loving us so authentic is their own CHOICE to do so. We know we’re not perfect. We got issues. We all do stupid stuff. We all make mistakes and we know people have walked away from us because of our own actions. So when our significant others still choose us knowing our issues, there’s not a sweeter notion in the world. They know our short comings and they still choose us. My friend, that’s the best feeling in the world because the burden of carrying secrets and the fear of rejection is completely annihilated.

So if the person you’re with stops loving you or chooses to love another. You have a choice. You can walk away, hurt and eventually heal or you can stay and fight for your relationship. I support you either way and both decisions make sense. But no matter what you do, please remember…YOU CAN’T MAKE ANYONE LOVE YOU!

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