Kayode: His Music & His Style Goes International.

From obscurity to notoriety, Kayode is one of the Hip Hop’s newest voices. Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Educated at Morehouse. Master’s Degree in Education. Kayode is far from an ignorant Black man who was handed a record deal. His music doesn’t exploit people’s disadvantages nor does it disrespect women as it seems to be the norm today. To the contrary, Kayode is just the opposite. His message embraces the disadvantaged, celebrates diversity of culture an

d shows nothing but respect towards women.

With his music hitting hard in countries like Australia, China, Brazil and France, we decided to take a sneak peek into the intellect of this music phenom. Here’s what we discovered.

Unplugged: What does “Kayode” mean and why that name for your stage name?

KAYODE: My name means “There’s much more to this than the surface exhibits”. I was given the name at the naming ceremony through a program called “Rites of Passage” (which is like a fraternity but more Afrocentric). At Morehouse, I was nerd, a cool nerd but a nerd nonetheless until I hit the microphone, then I went “Beast Mode” (which is another nickname some have for me). The “Ga” tribe in West Africa and its language is where my name derives. Who I am is much more than what the surface so the name is suitable for me and my music.

Unplugged: How did it feel when you heard your music being played internationally?

KAYODE: To be honest, it was bitter sweet. I was excited because people in Australia and China were actually buying my music. But it bothered me that people in my own country and in my own city didn’t show as much love. I mean, I’m from Cleveland but I’ve got more fans in Australia. But hey, if that’s how the penny drops, then let it drop. I’m thankful for all my fans no matter where they are.

Unplugged: How would you classify your music and why?

KAYODE: I would classify it as Hip Hop. It’s not commercial music but real Hip Hop. It’s the backpack conscience type of music where you listen to it while on the subway, on the bus or in your Uber.

Unplugged: What’s the message in your music that you want the world to know?

KAYODE: We can co-exist! That’s the message. We can disagree and yet get along. Bring some peace to the streets.

Unplugged: What’s next for you?

KAYODE: Well, I just won award. “The Best Conscience Rap Award Jan. 2017” from Akedemia (private music company in CA). I have a mixtape coming out called “Are We Ready” scheduled for release in May 2017. In addition, I’m working on an album with a group out of Cleveland called “Invisible Tongues” scheduled to be released later in 2017.

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