Park Street Cantina in Columbus, OH

So where’s the party spots in downtown Columbus? Of course, there are so many places you can go but only one place has a great inside outside experience – Park Street Cantina. It’s truly party central! We caught people in line waiting to get in and here’s what the excited patrons had to say.

UNPLUGGED: So why choose Park Street Cantina over all the other clubs?

Andrew V: Man, the women in here are always hot. They come in groups and always ready to party. The better question is why is everyone going elsewhere. They should be here!

Michaela A: Oh my god! It’s so fun here! I just dance all night with my friends. I can’t wait for the weekend because I can just let my hair down and have a good time! Fridays and Saturday nights, I bar hop with my girlfriends and Park Street Cantina is always one of the spots we hit. Sometimes this is where we spend the rest of the night just partying!

UNPLUGGED: So how are the drinks at Park Street Cantina?

Emily S: The drinks are great! My girlfriends and I always come here because you get your money’s worth while you’re having fun (when we actually do pay for our drinks). Usually, I rarely buy drinks for myself because guys are always buying them for me. But the bartenders know what they’re doing and they know how to make my drink the way I like it! Whooo!!!

Sammy D: The bartenders are cool. They make my drinks just the way I like it – STRONG!

UNPLUGGED: What do you like about the atmosphere?

Jamie Q. Oh I love the music! And I get so excited when they blow the air on the dance floor. It’s so cool how they do it!

Quiton. H: Yea, the air blowing thing scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it happen. But after that, I thought it was pretty awesome and it cools the dance floor off for a moment when you’re working a sweat dancing with your girl and her friends! I like how they mix the music too. Old School. New School. It’s all good here.

Yes, Park Street Cantina is the hot spot in Columbus, Ohio. Check them out.

Park Street Cantina

491 Park Street

Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 884-2108

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