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“Who is Sonny Campbell” is the name of the new album dropped by Sonny Campbell. Born and raised in Lima, Ohio but represent all of Ohio in his music. After his tour with Snoop Dogg and his new song “No Mercy ft. Snoop Dogg”, we got a chance to interview Mr. Campbell to see what’s on his mind and what’s next for the superstar. Here’s what we found out.

Lacaya BX: How long have you been doing music?

Sonny Campbell: I’ve been recording and releasing music since 2001 but I wrote my first rap since 2nd Grade.

Lacaya BX: What made you get serious about your music whereby you started financially investing?

Sonny Campbell: When I was younger, there was a crew of us. I’ve always been serious about music but when you live in Lima at the time of my day, studios weren’t in the abundance they are now. Back when I was growing up, there were like 2 studios in Lima. And the only way you could get in to the studios were if you were cool with the people or if you had paper.

Lacaya BX: Who were your music inspirations?

Sonny Campbell: Nas. Scarface. Snoop. The East Coast West Coast Beef

Lacaya BX: What’s the song you enjoy the most off of your new project whether it goes platinum or not?

Sonny Campbell: 100 is my joint. My brother produced it. Shout out to him (Hood Keys). 100 is tells my story. I try to stay positive but real talk, I’ve done some negative things too. Now it’s not anything I glorify but it’s part of my story and how I got here. So I’m just keeping it 100 and telling people my story of struggle to success. It’s one of the songs you need to pay attention to the lyrics. So whether you know the hustle or whether you don’t, it’ll lock you in and if it don’t, it’s still my joint. Another reason is the music is live. It’s been something I’ve been wanting do for a long time and this is the 1st song whereby I wanted to do.

Lacaya BX: Tell us what it was like to be on tour with Snoop?

Sonny Campbell: Honestly, it was great. Like I said, I grew up listening to dudes like Snoop Nas and others so it was all good. If the truth be told, Snoop was the 1st kat I was trying to sound like when I got into the game. You know we dreamed about stuff like that as kid so for it to happen to me was a real good experience.

You can contact Sonny Campbell at www.SonnyCampbell.net as well as buy the album. Who is Sonny Campbell is out right now available for purchase. Book Sonny Campbell for your next event at (614) 401-9943.

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