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The fashion industry is full of all kinds of people. Of course, you have the models and designers. But think a minute. Who dolls up the model? You don’t think she just wakes up looking flawless, do you? Well, we’re pretty sure some little special guy believes every word of Beyonce’s song, but we assure you, little special man, it’s so not true.

So we caught up with Angela Palmer, the owner of “Simply Gorgeous by Angela” and this is what we discovered.

UPM: What is Simply Gorgeous by Angela?

Angela: Simply Gorgeous is my brand. I focus on the elegance and beauty of a person. It’s my pleasure to make people feel like a celebrity in their own story as I highlight the beauty already residing within them. Simply Gorgeous provides quality services in hair, photography and makeup for any occasion for men and women alike.

UPM: Angela, tell us the untold story to your success.

Angela: (Smiling) Well, let’s see. I had a good job, then became ill, completely unexpectantly. Excruciating headaches. Passed out often. I couldn’t use my left hand, then I couldn’t walk for some time. Adding insult to injury, the left side of my face became paralyzed and I still had to be mommy to teenage boys by myself. I gathered enough strength to start a small catering business and sell Mary Kay but it wasn’t enough so I needed government assistance. I was sick, broke and felt defeated. I was not created for this kind of life. So I took control of my health and my life to do something different. My journey in makeup began when I did the perfect smoky eye. After that, it was on! If you had a face, I was working on it. Family. Friends. Soon I realized people were happy after I finished my work with them and I felt good about my work too. My passion was born and I’ve never turned back.

UPM: When did Simply Gorgeous by Angela get real for you?

Angela: It got real when I had to depend on it. If I wasn’t working on someone’s face, my kids weren’t eating. My bills weren’t getting paid. This had to work because there were no other options. There was no Plan B.

UPM: Partners? Investors? Endorsements?

Angela: Regarding partners and investors, I have none. I’m very particular about who works with me. That’s the only way to protect my company. In this business, image is everything. Equally said, in this business, people lie. So if their ethics and practices align with me, we can have a discussion. If not, Simply Gorgeous will stay the course. Endorsement. I have company in New York who endorse Simply Gorgeous and it’s a wonderful relationship.

UPM: Is retirement from this enterprise real or will you have to go work for someone?

Angela: (Laughing) retirement is absolutely real. This isn’t a hobby for me. This is my life. I’m laser focused on 1 plan and that’s the only plan that matters.

UPM: What would you tell someone trying to follow in your footsteps?

Angela: Practice, practice and practice more. Master your craft. Read books. Watch YouTube. Practice on anyone or anything you can. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Lastly, realize this industry is not easy but anything is possible with persistence, dedication and determination.

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