Erica Fitzgerald: A Star is Born

You’ve seen the video trailer of her UPM cover model photo shoot. You’ve seen her in Fashion Week Columbus, High Ball, and slaying runways all over the state. She’s modeled for such designers like Juan Jose Saenz Ferreyros from Peru and Ayris Michele who’s heading to Paris. She’s 5’ 11. BWH: 32/26/37. Shoe size: 9.5

Erica Fitzgerald is one the top Columbus, OH models in demand by designers and for good reason.

She was the highest financial grossing model for the 3rd Annual Black Tie Chandelier Gala which secured her feature in Unplugged Magazine. We were present for her interview on Phillip Bufford “Live” on WTMH Radio. You won’t believe what we discovered.

PBL: So when did you start modeling?

Erica: Funny that you ask that. I just started modeling a year ago. I really didn’t know what I was doing but it was something I thought I might try. The first time I modeled I was super nervous. I didn’t know how to pose or walk but I paid attention. I looked at how people walked. I saw how they stopped, pose, spun around and walked back. I made notes to myself and then I did it. Then I was fortunate to make some really great friends in people like Darci Joy and Kentwaun Turner who came with me tonight. Darci took me under her wing and helped me get comfortable posing and so much more. She’s been a like a mentor to me and we are great friends to this day. A lot of what I know came from Darci sharing her experience and training with me. I’m thankful for her and that’s why she’s here in the radio station with me tonight.

PBL: How did you feel when Unplugged Magazine made the announcement on Facebook that you were to be featured in the magazine?

Erica: Oh my God! I was beyond words. I was actually at work when I saw the announcement. People probably thought I had Turrets because I screamed out and then caught myself. People were looking at me like I was crazy. I tried to be cool but couldn’t wait to speak to you and tell you thank you. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and exposure.

PBL: What’s your favorite drink?

Erica: I’m all about Whiskey. I’m whiskey girl. Just one ice cube. Bush Mills and Ginger ale or Bush Mills and Sprite.

PBL: So what is there about you that people would never guess by looking at you?

Erica: I eat! I really like food. I’ll be at an event and my friends will get me Chipotle. We really eat. Shout out to Kentwaun and Darci! Another thing is I am a super history nerd. USS Monitor. It was the 1st iron clad ship. It went into battle with one spinning gun during the Civil War.

PBL: If there was anything you could tell someone who wants to be where you are today, what would it be?

Erica: If you have a dream, go for it. Don’t worry about knowing what to do. It’ll come. You’ll meet the right people and make the right connections. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you too. Then doors like this will open when you’re not even expecting it.

Well said Mrs Fitzgerald! Congratulations!


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