November 1, 2019

UNPLUGGED: We are with Sam Lehner, chief of marketing for Eleven XXI. You are the person that's creating the image, and getting that image out to the world about Eleven XXI. How challenging is it to do that for a new start up? Sam: It has its ups and downs. If it was an already started company with a foundation there would have been previous images to base things off of. Since it is brand new, there is a lot of room to get creative with it. Sometimes we will take things we make and think it's wonderful! Weeks or mon...

May 27, 2019

UPM: How did you get here? Jordan: First, I started off by taking interest in the event. I contacted Prophocey and Real Music Records put me through this program which challenged me mentally to get my ideas out. It shaped me to be the man that I am currently becoming. UPM: What is the ADP Program? Jordan: The ADP Program is called the Artist Development Program. It prepares an artist to follow their dreams with strategy. It has a biblical foundation challenges a person’s ability to believe through the unknown until...

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